Read some of the stories from real students and teachers who have been touched by our orgainzation.

Dear Aiken Outreach,

This was our first field trip for these students, and for me, thanks to the foundation!

We enjoyed a guided tour of Making the Modern at the Columbia Museum of Art culminating with a project-based activity in which students created their own “modern art.” This was aligned with the upcoming AP Stimulus materials which aligned with the growth of art from Rockwell to Velazquez. Additionally, we enjoyed touring pieces of Rodin to pieces from the Kress collection.
Without your generosity we would not have been able to accommodate our students with this day of seeing in person what we study in books.

With much appreciation and gratitude!

AP Capstone Students

Dear Aiken Outreach,

I just gave the student the note you brought over, and he was so moved! He was speechless for a minute and then started to become emotional. He was overwhelmed at your generosity and was so grateful that he could now have a computer. He has really been working hard and has continuously been checking in with his teacher to let her know how well he is doing with grades and behavior. It is so rewarding to see students who succeed with a good support group. Thank you for putting your faith in him and helping him succeed!!

Dear Aiken Outreach,

The student assistance fund helped pay for students to visit the SC State Museum. While there, students were able to tour the museum and participate in a Virtual Reality experience of Anne Frank’s Secret Annex. Everyone had a great time, and it would not have been possible without the help of the assistance fund. Thank you!!

– Aiken HS Teacher

Dear Aiken Outreach,

The student whose funds were put towards a uniform in culinary was so excited to see her funds on PowerSchool that she came to tell me she was able to order her uniform. Today she popped in my office to show off her new uniform with her name on it and later sent me a selfie from class! This organization was such a blessing to her and to see how proud she is that she can now participate in class has been priceless.

Can’t thank you enough!

Dear Aiken Outreach,

Our school has a free pantry for students and families in need. Affectionately known as the Posh Pony Pantry, we offer new and gently used clothing, accessories, toiletries, and food items available at no charge. All of the items come from teacher and community donations. Students and parents can come during the school day to pick out items that they need. Aiken Outreach provided funds that we were able to use to purchase underclothing, socks, and toiletry items all of which we were running very low on. Now our students have access to these much-needed items due to Aiken Outreach’s generosity!